We provide innovative and enterprising solutions for the corporate sector to meet their social responsibilities.

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Community Corporate reduces system inefficiencies, waste and burden on the not-for-profit sector whilst building a strong profile, position and sustainable funding environment to support innovative social change.
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Community Corporate is an Australia-wide consultancy business committed to building and supporting the not for profit sector respond to increasingly complex operating environments.

Our focus is to provide the corporate, mission critical support systems and strategy development to increase efficiencies in the operating of the not for profit organisation so the experts can focus on what they do best – helping others! We provide a safe and supportive platform to bridge relationships between the ‘community’ and ‘corporate’ sectors and we pride ourselves on connecting organisations and leaders with shared values, strong commitment to excellence and social responsibility.

Carmen Garcia

Companies engaging with us will gain access to a powerful network of social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, peers, and stakeholders – all focused on creating viable business models with strong social impact solutions. Community Corporate will work with companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, profile development, market positioning, enterprise strategy and cross-sector collaboration and partnerships. We translate ideas into real results that produce value for business and society.

Known as a problem fighter and CEO secret weapon, Carmen and her team are committed to creating genuine outcomes with their leading strategy and ability to connect people and opportunities that turn vision into reality.

Community Corporate operates with the value in bringing in the best resources to create a team of experts that respond to our client’s needs. As such our team consists of:

  • Strategists
  • Academics and researchers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Event Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Facilitators
  • Strategic planners
  • PR experts
  • Tender writers
  • And more

About the Principal and Founder

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“Not for profit SMEs face a battle of survival ahead in a tougher fiscal environment. I want to make sure they are equipped with the tools to charge ahead.”

Carmen Garcia
Carmen's passion for the not for profit sector is shown through the multi-million dollars she has raised for organisations, charities and appeals, her recognition through community service awards and her position as CEO of Multicultural Youth South Australia. Carmen's business achievements were also recognised in 2013 as a finalist for the Telstra Women's Business Awards.

“I want to use my unique experience of working across the community, public and private sectors and share the lessons I have learnt”

Business Woman's Award Finalist

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