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Everyone cannot be the best at everything. So imagine what we can achieve if we bring the best of the best to work together!
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We want to create greater independence in the NFP sector. We want to reduce the reliability on government to drive our agenda. We want to give the power back to the experts who focus on responding to the real social problems facing our society today.

Whether its medical research, homelessness or youth unemployment every organisation has invested in their ability to have expertise and subject specialisation in their chosen field. Community Corporate offers a stress free way for CEOs and organisational managers to access corporate services that complement their business. It connects people with shared values and enables the NFP sector to focus their time on what they do best.

Community Corporate brings innovation to the new challenges and tougher fiscal environment facing governments and the community sector. It draws upon the growing opportunities presented by new technologies, leading edge and proven international strategies and structural cultures to assist organisations move towards:

  • Independent funding models including social enterprise and ventures
  • Efficient systems and organisational practices
  • Increase market share of volunteers and clients
  • Elevating the position of products and services
  • Higher influence and profile in the industry
  • Quality corporate services
  • Sustainable innovative solutions
  • Building organisational infrastructure, assets and credibility
  • Evidence based platforms
  • Meaningful relationships and partnerships with the corporate sector

We have a team of people that share our vision and values and are ready to help you and your organisation take another step towards financial independence. Enquire today for a free consultation with our founder and principal, Carmen Garcia on how Community Corporate can help you!


Businesses today realise that doing good can be good for business. Accessing the right advice and support to navigate the mutually beneficial opportunities of corporate social responsibility can provide a competitive edge with consumers, government tenders and positioning companies in not only their own industry but the expanding arena in which they operate.

Companies engaging with us will gain access to a powerful network of social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, peers, and stakeholders – all focused on creating viable business models with strong social impact solutions. Community Corporate will work with companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, profile development, market positioning, enterprise strategy and cross-sector collaboration and partnerships. We translate ideas into real results that produce value for business and society.

Services are custom to each company’s need but include:

  • Expertise and insights to engaging with new diverse markets including migrants and refugees, women, young people and mature aged
  • Social procurement strategies
  • Workforce development planning and projects
  • Single point of contact project management with multiple stakeholders and partners
  • Strategic advice and support on emerging trends and engagement opportunities
  • Engineering collaborative initiatives to generate sustainability solutions to learn, work, and drive change in business and consumer behaviour
  • Opportunities to partner in collaborative research and joint ventures with NFP sector

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