We provide innovative and enterprising solutions for the corporate, community and government sectors to achieve their goals.

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Community Corporate reduces system inefficiencies, waste and burden on the not-for-profit sector whilst building a strong profile, position and sustainable funding environment to support innovative social change.
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Established in 2013, Community Corporate is an Australia-wide consultancy firm committed to building the capacity of the corporate, community and government sectors to respond to increasingly complex operating environments.

We bring the corporate, community and government sectors together to build strategic alliances and solutions to address economic and social challenges. We pride ourselves on connecting organisations and companies with shared values and a strong commitment to excellence and social responsibility.

We harness the expertise of the corporate sector to increase efficiencies in the operation of not-for-profit organisations so they can focus on what they do best - help others!

Carmen Garcia

Companies and organisations engaging us will gain access to an impressive network of social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, peers and stakeholders who are committed to having a positive social impact. We will work with you to achieve your goals through consulting, research, profile development, market positioning, enterprise strategies and cross-sector collaboration and partnerships. We have a reputation for translating ideas into results that produce value for business and society.


To provide specialist service offerings that advance diversity and inclusion to make a social impact on communities across Australia.


To build a community that invests in diversity and inclusion to contribute to the economic, social and cultural prosperity of Australia.

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We believe in the power of purpose and at the core of human dignity is work. - Carmen Garcia, Managing Director, 2013
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Community Corporate is committed to expanding opportunities and innovative solutions to advance the needs and interests of communities and businesses across Australia.


Our core values and commitments shape our organisational culture and underpin our mission.

    Our Values:

    • Integrity and Professionalism
    • Accountability and Responsiveness
    • Social Responsibility and Leadership
    • Service and Quality Excellence
    • Collaboration and Partnerships

    Our Commitments:

    • To take a leadership role in advancing diversity and inclusion
    • To produce meaningful outcomes based on action and results
    • To deliver services based on evidence, quality and responsiveness to client needs and priorities
    • To engage, support and collaborate with other stakeholders and drive partnership models
    • To strategically position and profile the contribution of community and corporate alliances in addressing social issues
    • To recruit, support and retain highly skilled, professional and passionate people to deliver our services


    At Community Corporate we practice what we preach and believe that our people are our leading edge. Our small team of passionate, highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals offer a range of services for our community, corporate and government clients.

    The team is led by Founder and Managing Director, Carmen Garcia a nationally recognised diversity and inclusion expert and national award-winning social entrepreneur. Her team is committed to creating genuine outcomes with their leading strategy and a unique ability to connect people and opportunities that turn vision into reality.

    Community Corporate is committed to maintaining a diverse, highly qualified and talented team which can respond to a diverse range of client needs. As such our team consists of:

    • Strategists
    • Researchers and academics
    • Marketing specialists
    • Event managers
    • Project managers
    • Facilitators
    • Strategic planners
    • PR experts
    • Tender writers and
    • Trainers and coaches

About the Founder

Carmen Garcia profile photo for Community Corporate

“Not-for-profits face a battle of survival ahead in a tougher fiscal environment. I want to make sure they are equipped with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curb.”

Carmen Garcia
Carmen's passion for the not-for-profit sector is evident through the multi-million dollars she has raised for organisations, charities and appeals, her community service and business awards and her appointment to several high profile national boards and committees. Carmen builds on the success and sustainability of strong public, private and community partnerships to meet business imperatives that boost productivity, increase market share and build workforces that reflect the diversity of their consumers.

“I am committed to building a stronger community where everyone feels valued because after all, it is the people of Australia that are our most vital resource and continue to make this country great!”

Business Woman's Award Finalist

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