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Everyone cannot be the best at everything. So imagine what we can achieve if we bring the best of the best to work together!
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We want to create greater independence in the NFP sector. We want to reduce the reliability on government to drive our agenda. We want to give the power back to the experts who focus on responding to the real social problems facing our society today.

Whether its medical research, homelessness or youth unemployment every organisation has invested in their ability to have expertise and subject specialisation in their chosen field. Community Corporate offers a stress free way for CEOs and organisational managers to access corporate services that complement their business. It connects people with shared values and enables the NFP sector to focus their time on what they do best.

Community Corporate brings innovation to the new challenges and tougher fiscal environment facing governments and the community sector. It draws upon the growing opportunities presented by new technologies, leading edge and proven international strategies and structural cultures to assist organisations move towards:

  • Independent funding models including social enterprise and ventures
  • Efficient systems and organisational practices
  • Increase market share of volunteers and clients
  • Elevating the position of products and services
  • Higher influence and profile in the industry
  • Quality corporate services
  • Sustainable innovative solutions
  • Building organisational infrastructure, assets and credibility
  • Evidence based platforms
  • Meaningful relationships and partnerships with the corporate sector

We have a team of people that share our vision and values and are ready to help you and your organisation take another step towards financial independence. Enquire today for a free consultation with our founder and principal, Carmen Garcia on how Community Corporate can help you!


Companies today know success is not only about their product or service but the values and leadership they demonstrate as a purpose-driven business. We specialise in three service areas for the corporate sector:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. DiversityWorks! by Community Corporate - customised recruitment
  3. Employer subsidies and funding


We create individualised corporate social responsibility strategies and innovations for companies across Australia. We challenge conventional thinking and strategically position companies and businesses to make a signficant impact in the market.

Our approach integrates individually tailored strategies into an overall plan that aligns with your mission and values, builds your profile and showcases your leadership in the community where you operate.

“As Australian consumer purchasing trends evolve, more and more we see people look beyond a company’s product, service and price. Customers now want to know about corporate culture, what a company values, and ultimately, they want to know what a purchase from a company says about them.”

- Carmen Garcia, 2017


Building on our extensive working relationships with federal and state governments, and the community sector, we custom build training and recruitment programs to respond to your workforce needs.

There are many opportunities to access a future workforce purpose built to meet your business needs. Migrants, refugees, women and youth are an untapped resource that we can help you access. Our connections to culturally and linguistically diverse communities is our leading edge.

By providing a customised and tailored service we can help you achieve your company goals to boost productivity, enhance corporate social responsibility and meet workforce diversity targets. Our approach ensures that we:

  • apply a business-led strategy
  • reduce red tape in government relations
  • add demonstrated value
  • navigate government systems to increase access to subsidies and funding
  • provide business with a safety net
  • create strategic m alliances

We have worked with a diverse range of companies to:

  • develop funded employer-directed pre-employment training programs
  • leverage from their supply chain and purchasing power
  • facilitate strategic community partnerships and initiatives
  • increase exposure to key markets such as new migrant communities
  • ensure their workforce reflects the diversity in the community
  • reduce HR, recruitment and training costs, and
  • increase their competitive positioning for multi-million-dollar procurement and government contracts

“by 2050, migration to Australia will add $1.6 trillion to GDP and means a projected population of 38 million.”

- MCA, 2015

“I believe at the core of human dignity is work and this is what drives what we do”

- Carmen Garcia, 2013


We help companies navigate government policy and initiatives to access funding to support staff development, improve productivity and meet workforce needs.

Services include:

  • Advice on current government programs, funding and subsidies
  • Identification of opportunities and preparation of applications and submissions
  • Development of funded employer-directed, pre-employment training programs
  • Preparation of funding applications and tenders, and
  • Strategies to reduce HR, recruitment and training costs


Strategies to reduce HR, recruitment and training costs

  • Facilitation
  • Community consultation and research
  • Community events, expos and forums
  • Cross cultural awareness training
  • Resource development
  • Individually tailored training packages
  • Program evaluation
  • Industry forums, and more


We provide a range of development services to help small businesses access support, advice and information to start, grow and develop their business. Services include:

  • Business facilitators
  • Tender and granting writing
  • Access to funding and government subsidies
  • Business coaching
  • Marketing support
  • Workshops and seminars, and
  • Annual SA Migrant Small Business Expo

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