As a purpose driven company, we measure our success on our own impact.

Check out some of our articles, videos and photos from our work and support of other like-minded organisations driven to make a social impact in the community.

  • of our employment program participants have had a job outcome
  • of our employment program participants have been retained in work for six months
  • Our employment program participants were aged between 18 and 51 years
  • Our employment program participants have been in Australia from 3 months to 10 years
We have supported refugees and migrants from over 16 countries of origin including:
  • Afghanistan
  • Myanmar
  • Iraq
    Papua New Guinea
  • Nigeria
"God bless you and your team for giving me this opportunity for work. Carmen was so patient with us and give us inspiring words were so important to me to get through the program.Your training is the best I have ever done, I really learnt a lot and was completely prepared for my interview and well I got the job! Thank you for fighting for us - the world needs more people like you!”

-Liberian young refugee (now employed at nRAH)

"Ms Carmen believed in us she was tough but fair and only wanted to bring out the best in us – I am lucky someone believed in me and cared enough to help me succeed I would not have this job without you.”

-Afghani refugee woman (now employed at nRAH)

"The team at Community Corporate supported me every step of the way in getting this job at Woolworth's. I walk into work experience with confidence and believing in myself I could do it - now I am working and able to give back to Australia who welcomed me into this country and I am thankful for that”

-Iraqi refugee male (now employed at Woolworths)

"The program helped me so much to understand about working in Australia but also with my own goals and future here in this country. It was an important first step that my mentor at Community Corporate supported me to see with the right attitude and hard work - we can find work we just need help in opening the doors - thank you Carmen and Bridget so much!”

-Syrian male (now employed at Woolworths)

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